The Brides Wedding Day

Two hours to go until my wedding. Gazing at my wedding dress – is it REALLY today? Reflecting on the months of wedding preparations – choosing Jimmy Choo shoes, trying on countless Pronuptia wedding dresses. Listening to the hubbub downstairs – bridesmaids, family and friends milling about getting ready. Feeling calm. Then my attention turns to what Steve is doing now – still worrying about the groom’s speech and Greg, his best man’s speech.
Abruptly brought back to earth when the doorbell rings. The wedding photographer – and right on time too!

I’m having some bridal preparation shots taken for my wedding album, so it’s time to put my wedding dress on and get the finishing touches made to my make-up and hair.
No time to get nervous now! Neil from Capture The Moment Pembrokeshire immediately puts me at ease and reassures me that there’s no rush and to just enjoy being The Bride!
The camera clicks and flashes as my wedding dress is fastened by my chief bridesmaid – what would I do without Kirsty? “Just turn and smile, Lara and you, too, Kirsty”. Neil’s experience and cheerful , confident manner is so reassuring. Mum pops her head around the door and choking backs tears (it’s the first time she’s seen me in my wedding dress) asks if I’m feeling OK. I’m feeling great, but could do with some Champagne or something to quench my thirst.
I sneak a glance in the mirror as Neil lays out my wedding dress for more photographs – I can hardly believe it’s me!

My entrance downstairs prompts approving comments and Dad can hardly believe his eyes. “Let’s take some shots out in the garden” – Neil leads Mum and Dad, the bridesmaids and me outside and takes various posed and informal shots. Time is marching on and soon I’m in the car with Dad. The camera flashes have ceased and both our wedding photographers, Neil and David, will be at St Marys. David has been there photographing Steve, his best man and ushers. Can’t wait to see THOSE photographs.
A few comments break the silence during our journey and as we approach the gates at St Marys the nerves begin to jangle. I clasp Dad’s hand for reassurance, but soon the smiling faces of my bridesmaids, the perfume from our bouquets and the lively yet organised atmosphere of St Marys overwhelm me with a sense of excitement. Neil poses us for wedding photos in the car, then as we emerge into the foyer more wedding reportage shots follow us into the marriage room.
Steve turns and smiles, a smile I’ve never seen before, so admiring, so warm and so proud. He looks great – more handsome than ever, so smart and I sense the merest hint of his favourite Armani aftershave. Tingles pulse down my spine. This is it!

The wedding ceremony? I can hardly remember a thing. I must have been on Cloud 9.
Walking out into the sunshine with my new husband following the wedding ceremony, we pose for photographs – formal family groups and informal shots of friends from school, university and work. Then a brief period to enjoy a drink and chat with some of our guests, before David leads us into St Marys’s quiet, secluded gardens for some relaxed and romantic photographs.
We both feel completely at ease as David poses us sharing intimate glances, a kiss or two. We emerge from our brief moments together to be greeted by more guests and Neil taking casual reportage shots as we mingle and chat. The toastmaster calls for attention as we are led into the banqueting suite, where, with our parents, we form a receiving line. I’ve never been kissed and hugged so much – and no one stood on my Jimmy Choo shoes

As we sit at table, a few discreet photographs are taken of the family on the top table. Soon the wedding speeches begin and as laughter fills the room, Neil is taking shots of the guests appreciating the humour of the groom’s speech and the ensuing responses. I ache from laughing and the enjoyment of our wedding day is overwhelming. The cameras flash and now we are dancing close, smooching and giggling. Neil and David congratulate us both again and wish us a “Happy Honeymoon” before departing. Can’t wait to see the photographs!

Gosh, I didn’t realise you took so many wedding photos; I don’t remember that one, or this one! Look at Kirsty with Dad and Steve with the boys! These photographs are fantastic!

Thank you so much Neil. You were both brilliant; everyone was so impressed with the way the wedding photographers worked, very professional and I’ll certainly recommend Capture The Moment Pembrokeshire.