Maternity Tips

Schedule your photo shoot for between weeks 31 and 36 if possible. Your belly may be too small before then. Of course, you don’t want to risk running out of time, either.

About two hours before your photo shoot, remove any clothing or accessories with elastic. Such items as bras, pants with elastic waistbands, even socks, leave marks on your skin that will show up in your pictures.

Discuss with your photographer ahead of time the look and style of the portraits you desire. Do you plan to be clothed the entire time? Do you love the intimate look of skin on skin? Will someone else be in the photos with you

If someone else will join you in the pictures, be sure to select clothing and accessories for them that do not distract from the main subject: your belly. Bright-coloured clothing and shiny accessories (watches, belt buckles, etc.) attract light and lead the eye away from the main focus.

What should you wear? Many women choose to go au natural, or at least topless with a pair of cute undies. If that’s not your cup of tea, try to choose a fitted top-something that accentuates the bust line and belly. If your clothes are too big, your belly will not be highlighted, and that’s the main idea of these pictures. Right? If you despise your pregnancy jeans, the ones with the panel, bring a pair of regular jeans and unzip them. That looks really cute with a tank top or a bikini top. Be adventurous! You don’t get a lot of opportunities to take these kinds of photos!

You may want to bring a few of your baby’s things to hold in your photos. Maybe you have already purchased an adorable pair of shoes, someone may have given you something at your shower that means a lot to you, or maybe there is a family heirloom that you would love to memorialise in your pictures.

Avoid rubbing lotions on your belly before the shoot. You don’t want the light to bounce off the shiny surface of your belly. Do, however, consider moisturising your elbows and feet.

Your hands will likely be in the pictures, so consider a manicure, or at the very least, be sure your nails are trimmed. This rule also applies for toes.

Bring powder and lipstick or tinted Chap Stick for touchups during the shoot. Bring your brush or comb and several changes of clothes.

Last, allow at least two hours for your photo shoot, and try not to schedule anything for immediately afterwards. Most maternity shoots, like weddings, cannot be re-shot, so don’t rush yourself! Enjoy yourself!